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Grapes makes up for last week’s not-lavender incident

You may recall that last week, Don Cherry ripped into Ron MacLean because the latter had, apparently, instructed the former to wear pink to promote a cancer-fighting necktie. However, Don’s getup turned out to be a shade too pink to match the tie in question, and he blamed his co-host, yelling, “You told me to wear pink! This is lavender!”

Well, this week, Grapes corrects his mistake:

Don Cherry on Coach's Corner, 25 Oct 2008

Different awful suit, but at least he can wear the lavender tie with it. Also, the double-breasting is not as bad as it has been known to be, but what’s up with that high button, right over where one presumes his left nipple to be? We’ve seen this button placement before, but this week it really sticks out. (Don’t worry, though—its blue colour is a reflection of something. At least all his buttons match one another.)


“You told me to wear pink! This is lavender!”

During tonight’s Coach’s Corner, Don Cherry complained to Ron MacLean that the tie currently being hawked by the NHL and the Toronto Maple Leafs for their Pink Ribbon Night is lavender, not pink, and that consequently the outrageously pink ensemble Grapes was wearing didn’t match. Like that’s his biggest concern.

Don Cherry during Coach's Corner, 18 Oct 2008

You may recall that this suit was previously featured on the Don Cherry Suit Watch. But I had to put it up here again because—well, how could I not?

Don Cherry’s Mickey Mouse tie

From this past Saturday’s Hockey Night in Canada, I present Grapes sporting a—somewhat mismatched, in my humble view—yellow suit with thick dark blue pinstripes and tie featuring the image of none other than Mickey Mouse:

Don Cherry on Coach's Corner, 11 Oct 2008

Mickey Mouse, you will recall, played junior hockey in the Ontario Hockey League, where he scored forty goals in his last season before he was kicked out because the mandatory helmet rule meant that every game his ears were getting squished.

The Don Cherry Suit Watch returns

The hockey season started in earnest last week and over the weekend, and what would a hockey season be without Don Cherry strutting some more of his immaculately tailored stuff?

Let’s kick off, as it were, this 2008-09 season with the first Coach’s Corner on the CBC’s Hockey Night in Canada broadcast during Thursday night’s game between the Detroit Red Wings and the Toronto Maple Leafs (the Leafs won this “original six” matchup 3–2):

Don Cherry on Coach's Corner, 9 October 2008

As if in answer to your unspoken questions, Don thoughtfully has the camera go close-up on his new custom Leafs cufflinks and tie:

Don Cherry's cufflink, 9 Oct 2008

Don Cherry's tie, 9 Oct 2008

Ah, it’s good to be back. Stay tuned for more episodes of the Don Cherry Suit Watch from the new hockey season. This year we’ll be posting when Don’s suits are both interesting and not repeats, but have no fear—I’m sure Grapes won’t disappoint. After all, he rarely does.

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