Circles jacket redux

We’ve seen this jacket before, in all its hideous black-and-white circular glory, but this time we get a much better view of the black stripes—which themselves have iridescent black circles on them:

Don Cherry on Coach's Corner, 31 Jan 2009

In recognition of the night the Toronto Maple Leafs honour Doug Gilmour’s Number 93, Don favours us (once again) with his Maple Leafs tie, evidently having switched his allegiances back from his temporary foray into Habs territory:

Don Cherry's tie on Coach's Corner, 31 Jan 2009

We’ve seen both this jacket and this tie before, but not combined together like this. I’m not sure the blue maple leaves (or leafs, whichever) on the tie go well with the black, white, and black suit jacket. Grapes seems to be having a little trouble matching his jackets and his ties lately—let’s hope, for the sake of fashion and hockey lovers everywhere, that he gets back on track quickly.

(The game also featured yet another Don Cherry/Doug Gilmour kiss—but that’s a subject for a separate post. Stay tuned.)


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