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A subdued Halloween

This year, even though Halloween falls on Hockey Night in Canada—or is it the other way around?—the Coach’s Corner crowd choose to keep things relatively low-key (for them), with sober topics like head shots and H1N1 overriding their usual bad fashion choices of this time of year. Instead, we have the normal, run-of-the-mill bad fashion choices. We’ve seen this suit before, and it doesn’t look like Don has taken the intervening year to fix the awful tailoring on the fold and buttons. The mismatch between the tie and the shirt and jacket, however, is particularly jarring tonight.

Don Cherry on Coach's Corner, 31 Oct 2009


The cap makes the outfit

Sorry we’re so late this week, so let’s get right to it. As they say, the right headgear can make or break an outfit (I’m not exactly sure who says it, but somebody must have done), and Grapes is no disappointment. This past Saturday night he took one of his favourite suit jackets and, well, dressed it up a bit:

Don Cherry on Coach's Corner, 24 Oct 2009

I know that this beret is part of a standard uniform for the Canadian Forces, but, man, does it look goofy with that jacket. And the pompom on top…

Incidentally, the jacket/sweater/jersey thing hanging on the back wall was part of a special event Don did with his hometown OHL Kingston Frontenacs, and will get its very own special post because, well, with sartorial choices like that, how could we not give it all the attention it’s screaming out for?

Yet more Maple Leafs stuff

This week, Don shows off his latest set of Toronto Maple Leafs-themed cuff links, paired with a Maple Leafs-themed tie he used to kick off last season (though this week’s cuff links don’t hold a candle to those monogrammed ones), and the whole ensemble is framed by a suit jacket with poor colour coordination and oddly clumsy stitching along the seams (look closely along the front flap and the lapels):

Don Cherry on Coach's Corner, 17 Oct 2009

Don Cherry's cuff links, 17 Oct 2009

Bonus points this week for Ron’s jacket.

The Purple and Pink Show

In support of breast cancer awareness month, both of our hosts show up to tonight’s Coach’s Corner sporting stylish purple ties—but Don does Ron better and goes the whole purple route. You may recall that last year, Don threw a bit of a fit when Ron showed him the tie, which didn’t go with the bright pink suit Grapes was sporting that evening: “You told me to wear pink! This is lavender!” complained Don. But then, the next week, he more than made up for it with a perfectly matching lavender number. Well, this year, they seemed to coordinate it correctly, and Don’s purple suit completes the look:

Don Cherry on Coach's Corner, 10 Oct 2009

Of course, it wouldn’t be Coach’s Corner unless Don had some pink on him—and this week Don started off the segment showing off a terrifically pink shirt and tie ensemble with cufflinks and monogrammed cuffs, which is currently up for auction to raise money for breast cancer awareness:

The pink shirt, tie, and cufflinks for auction, Coach's Corner, 10 Oct 2009

Is Don Cherry a code name?

One of my friends couldn’t believe that “Don Cherry” was this man’s real name and not, say, his Mafia code name. At the time I laughed, but now I have to say, after having beheld tonight’s suit, I have to question my dismissal of this proposition. Check out these pinstripes.

Don Cherry on Coach's Corner, 3 Oct 2009

Now that I think about it, we’ve seen this outfit before. I still have to question how a man who dresses like a 1920s gangster can say, with a straight face, that the Ottawa Senators and Tampa Bay Lightning are thugs who are going to steal your hubcaps:

Welcoming in the 2009-10 season

Greetings, all! The NHL is back for another season, and so are we, ready to bring you all of Don Cherry’s sartorial novelties and monstrosities for your viewing pleasure. So without further ado, let’s get right to it, beginning with this plaid number and maple leaf-themed tie from the first NHL games of the season on Thursday night. Gee, I wonder which country Don pledges his undying allegiance to?

Don Cherry on Coach's Corner, 1 Oct 2009

Make sure to tune in later tonight, when we’ll be back later tonight with Grapes’s outfit from the first Saturday night Coach’s Corner of the year!

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