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Don Cherry does Shakespeare

The CBC broadcast this year’s Hockey Day in Canada festivities from Stratford, Ontario, home of the famous Stratford Shakespeare Festival. And what better way for Don Cherry to honour this location than with a little acting? Don graced us with a few lines from some Shakespare plays: the best was when he did Macbeth’s famous soliloquy about life, and wagged his thumb in the general direction of Ron MacLean when he said “It is a tale told by an idiot.” Anyway, enjoy these pictures of Don in golden robes (and a purple necktie) fit for royalty:


Hockey Day in Canada

It’s another year of Hockey Day in Canada, which means it must be another day of questionable fashion choices from Don Cherry! I swear, I’m like a kid waiting to open birthday presents. All right, let’s see what we’ve got this year.

Ah! It’s everything I hoped for! And more—just who is that kid at the desk between Ron and Don? No, it’s not a descendant of Grapes, but rather young Max from Stratford, whose grandmother made him that suit jacket. Isn’t that cute?

(Note the brass instruments and drums used to herald Don’s arrival. A nice touch.)

Also: make sure not to miss Don Cherry doing Shakespeare on stage in Stratford!


In case you didn’t get the point with the stop signs on the backs of helmets and uniforms—part of a program admiraby instituted by Don Cherry to try to reduce dangerous hitting from behind in minor hockey—check out Grapes’s tie (and accompanying jacket):

Greeting the New Year

Welcome one and all to another year at the Don Cherry Jacket Watch! Sorry we’ve been away for some time here, but now we’re back! Better, stronger, faster, cherrier! So without further ado: here is Don Cherry kicking off the New Year with this suit from the Winter Classic, New Year’s Day 2010:

The sum effect of the colours and pattern of the plaid remind me a bit of this famous optical illusion, though I have to congratulate Grapes on the colour-coordination with the Coach’s Corner background. But what that shimmer/ripple effect on his shirt is, I couldn’t say.

Happy New Year, everybody!

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