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St. Patrick’s Day was last week

Even though the Coach’s Corner crew celebrated St. Patrick’s Day last week, the lure of wearing green—specifically lime green—was apparantly too much to resist for Don Cherry this last Saturday. (For long-time fans of the Don Cherry Jacket Watch: yes, we have seen this jacket before. But since that was only in standard definition and on a different TV show, this week we bring it to you in all its high-definition glory on the hallowed Hockey Night in Canada set.)


Ice Hockey Go Bragh

Grapes’s suit tonight was black and boring, but the sartorial novelty tonight was a Team Ireland IIHF jersey someone sent in, with which Don ushered in St. Patrick’s Day:

Not a bad jersey. I like the harp, though I’m not sure about the match of the green and the orange on the collar.

Don Cherry and the Bull Shirt

We’re back after a terrific Olympic break, and so are Don Cherry and the Coach’s Corner! Don was in Boston the other night to drop the ceremonial faceoff, and as usual, his clothing did not disappoint:

Of course, any such trip requires a souvenier or two, and Grapes came away with a few trinkets. He put on the hat for a few seconds of tonight’s Coach’s Corner (a good thing, too, since it clashes horribly with the dark blue velvet of his suit jacket), but tonight’s highlight was a great turn of phrase from Ron MacLean, who dubbed the T-shirt (from the Boston TD Garden’s famous “bull gang”) Don Cherry’s “Bull Shirt”. I see what you did there, Ron.

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