Purple Grapes is purple

Sorry we’ve been gone all the playoffs so far. But we’re back! And just in time, too, because we sure wouldn’t have wanted to miss tonight’s outfit from Don Cherry on Coach’s Corner during the Habs-Pens Game 7. Let’s get back into this with a bang, shall we?

Yes, this hybrid Edwardian smoking jacket/hockey commentator outfit has purple trim on the outside. Not really visible from the frontal shot, but fortunately, the HNIC crew gave us a glimpse of Don’s collar just before the segment started. (This was accompanied by Grapes singing, which in the medium of blogging with still images I mercifully cannot reproduce for you. Count yourselves lucky.) For once, those high Edwardian collars on the shirts Don traditionally wears actually look to serve some sartorial purpose: they don’t actually look too bad with the high collar of this jacket, though I’m still not sure about the overall effect.

Ah, good to be back. Happy playoffs, everyone! Hope your favourite team[s] [are doing well|did all right|will do better next year]!


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