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Happy St. Patrick’s Day

I think Down Goes Brown said it best on Twitter:

And then, as we’ve seen before when Grapes wears green, the CBC crew couldn’t resist a little (somewhat overaggressive) green-screen action:


Apple Bottom Grapes, coat with the fur

So this is from Hockey Day in Canada last month. The day’s festivities were hosted from Whitehorse, Yukon, and they included a WHL game between the Vancouver Giants and the Kamloops Blazers, numerous other hockey- and skating-related activities, and of course, Don Cherry in the Coach’s Corner. And it wouldn’t be a Don Cherry segment if it didn’t have some outrageous fashion, terrible character acting, and highly dubious relevance to anything. Seriously, the “plot” of these segments is so unimportant and unimpressive I don’t even remember what they were supposed to be talking about. I just take still shots from the television, folks. That’s all my brain can handle when it comes to Don Cherry.

But neither Don nor Ron disappointed with their sartorial choices. Don was decked out in some kind of Old Man of the Mountain fur coat and white hat and gloves, which is strangely an improvement of sorts over his usual fare in that the questionable tailoring and loud patterns don’t distract from, or even contribute to, the overall impact. Unfortunately, the same cannot be said for Ron’s M&M-colour-striped coat and wildly mismatched fur hat.

And of course, it wouldn’t be a Don Cherry segment without the requisite shouting and pointing.

What class, Grapes. What refinement.

Ripples of pink

Pro sports tend to make a deal out of October as Breast Cancer Awareness month (except, apparently, the CFL, which will fine you for wearing pink gloves). Don Cherry has, in years past, had a spot of trouble matching his pink tie to a suitably pink jacket, and this year, he seems to continue that trend. Once again, he gave Ron MacLean a bit of an earful for saying the tie was pink, and that consequently his tie didn’t match.

(For once, I agree with Don—the tie is not, in fact, pink—though I personally think, as I have previously, that the mismatch between the tie and the suit jacket is not his biggest problem.)

Welcome to a new season

So here we are in the 2010-11 NHL season! Should be an exciting one. Even if the Nordiques aren’t back in Québec, the Jets aren’t back in Winnipeg, and the swallows aren’t yet back in Capistrano, we’re back here at the Don Cherry Jacket Watch with some fresh gawking at our favourite commentator Don Cherry. Let’s get right to it.

And like a kid on Christmas, let’s unwrap Don Cherry’s jacket (uh) and take a close look at that tie of his:

Yep, that’s how we start off the year in Grapesland: all real class-like. Gotta love it. Or something.

We’ll be back throughout the season with more DCJW. Stay tuned.

Don Cherry: Phantom of the Rink

In which Don Cherry, in his pre-game segment before Game 2 of the Stanley Cup Finals, wears a hat and mask, “plays” the organ and “conducts” his own opera. Or something.

But music, or good goaltending, soothes the soul of this poor, tormented creature. Or something.

Seriously, this guy’s WTF level just keeps going up and up and up, and we haven’t even done Coach’s Corner yet tonight.

Ice Hockey Go Bragh

Grapes’s suit tonight was black and boring, but the sartorial novelty tonight was a Team Ireland IIHF jersey someone sent in, with which Don ushered in St. Patrick’s Day:

Not a bad jersey. I like the harp, though I’m not sure about the match of the green and the orange on the collar.

Don Cherry does Shakespeare

The CBC broadcast this year’s Hockey Day in Canada festivities from Stratford, Ontario, home of the famous Stratford Shakespeare Festival. And what better way for Don Cherry to honour this location than with a little acting? Don graced us with a few lines from some Shakespare plays: the best was when he did Macbeth’s famous soliloquy about life, and wagged his thumb in the general direction of Ron MacLean when he said “It is a tale told by an idiot.” Anyway, enjoy these pictures of Don in golden robes (and a purple necktie) fit for royalty:

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