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Even Ron gets in on the act

Not only did last week’s Coach’s Corner feature another Montréal Canadiens tie (with a somewhat incongruous Tasmanian Devil), but in response to the recent back-and-forth between Don Cherry and Alex Ovechkin, even Don’s co-host Ron MacLean got in on the silly costumes act this week. (The oversized plastic sunglasses are a parody of Alex’s costume during the shootout challenge at this year’s All-Star Game, incidentally.)

Evidently Don didn’t take too kindly to someone else encroaching on his domain of awful clothing, or something, since about four seconds after Ron put the sunglasses on, Don ripped them off his face and threw them across the stage in a fit of “I’m trying to be serious here!”

Well, if that isn’t the tea cosy calling the lace doily lavender.

Don Cherry on Coach's Corner, 21 Mar 2009

Don Cherry's tie from Coach's Corner, 21 Mar 2009


A Habs fan at the All-Star Game??

(Administrative note: welcome to the new Don We Now Our Gay Apparel blog on WordPress! Hopefully we’ll stay here for the future…or at least until the CBC finally gets fed up with Grapes and kicks him off the network.)

So, we’ve got quite the backlog to get through. Live, or at least last week live, from the 2009 NHL All-Star Game in Montréal, we bring you shocking news: it appears that Don has done the unthinkable—he has—gasp!—switched allegiances—to the home team, the Canadiens!

Don Cherry on Coach's Corner at the All-Star Game, 25 Jan 2009

Don Cherry's Montreal Canadiens tie during the All-Star Game, 25 Jan 2009

Ron MacLean asked him why he was wearing a Habs tie, and Grapes answered noncommittally—someone gave it to me, the pink colour went with the jacket, etc., notwithstanding the fact that when Don’s worn this jacket before, his tie has actually gone with it (more or less). After this, the two of them they had an annoying conversation during which Don revealed his ignorance of what anthropology was, and immediately after learning that it involved other cultures, belittled and dismissed it.

Ah, it’s good to be back.

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