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Quality sure will last you

Don mentioned in the After Hours tonight that he’s had this particular three-piece suit since he was coaching in Boston, and praised its quality for having lasted him so long. I have no reason to doubt this, as it’s somewhat more sedate and less garish than most of the jackets it has been his wont to wear since.

His tie, on the other hand, was his usual crazy—and this time has words. From a distance, it looked a bit like a pit bull with leaves, but on closer inspection is revealed to be a parrot. The writing on the tie says “Lil Burkie” (presumably referring to Leafs GM Brian Burke) and “Lil Blue” (which refers to the pit bull somehow? I guess?), and the main sentence says “This tie has special value if you own a puppy or a parakeet” (which is odd, since the bird is a parrot, not a parakeet). Whatever. Some things mere mortals like me were plainly not meant to understand.


Yet more Maple Leafs stuff

This week, Don shows off his latest set of Toronto Maple Leafs-themed cuff links, paired with a Maple Leafs-themed tie he used to kick off last season (though this week’s cuff links don’t hold a candle to those monogrammed ones), and the whole ensemble is framed by a suit jacket with poor colour coordination and oddly clumsy stitching along the seams (look closely along the front flap and the lapels):

Don Cherry on Coach's Corner, 17 Oct 2009

Don Cherry's cuff links, 17 Oct 2009

Bonus points this week for Ron’s jacket.

Circles jacket redux

We’ve seen this jacket before, in all its hideous black-and-white circular glory, but this time we get a much better view of the black stripes—which themselves have iridescent black circles on them:

Don Cherry on Coach's Corner, 31 Jan 2009

In recognition of the night the Toronto Maple Leafs honour Doug Gilmour’s Number 93, Don favours us (once again) with his Maple Leafs tie, evidently having switched his allegiances back from his temporary foray into Habs territory:

Don Cherry's tie on Coach's Corner, 31 Jan 2009

We’ve seen both this jacket and this tie before, but not combined together like this. I’m not sure the blue maple leaves (or leafs, whichever) on the tie go well with the black, white, and black suit jacket. Grapes seems to be having a little trouble matching his jackets and his ties lately—let’s hope, for the sake of fashion and hockey lovers everywhere, that he gets back on track quickly.

(The game also featured yet another Don Cherry/Doug Gilmour kiss—but that’s a subject for a separate post. Stay tuned.)

The Don Cherry Suit Watch returns

The hockey season started in earnest last week and over the weekend, and what would a hockey season be without Don Cherry strutting some more of his immaculately tailored stuff?

Let’s kick off, as it were, this 2008-09 season with the first Coach’s Corner on the CBC’s Hockey Night in Canada broadcast during Thursday night’s game between the Detroit Red Wings and the Toronto Maple Leafs (the Leafs won this “original six” matchup 3–2):

Don Cherry on Coach's Corner, 9 October 2008

As if in answer to your unspoken questions, Don thoughtfully has the camera go close-up on his new custom Leafs cufflinks and tie:

Don Cherry's cufflink, 9 Oct 2008

Don Cherry's tie, 9 Oct 2008

Ah, it’s good to be back. Stay tuned for more episodes of the Don Cherry Suit Watch from the new hockey season. This year we’ll be posting when Don’s suits are both interesting and not repeats, but have no fear—I’m sure Grapes won’t disappoint. After all, he rarely does.

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