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Baseball and tradition

In recognition of the Canada-USA game at the World Baseball Classic, Don Cherry presents himself in a sedate black suit (to mourn the Canadian loss?) but spiced up with a baseball-themed tie:

Don Cherry on Coach's Corner, 7 Mar 2009

Don Cherry's tie, 7 Mar 2009

During the segment, Don had some hilarious things to say on the subject of tradition. After last week, Grapes took a bit of a drubbing in the media regarding some stupid and racist things he said about Alexander Ovechkin’s tendency to celebrate goals by jumping up and down and throwing himself into the boards. Well, tonight (after starting off well by saying that Olli Jokinen was Russian—that’s a Finnish name if I’ve ever heard one), Don responded to his critics by bloviating about tradition in baseball as compared to tradition in hockey. If I understand Don’s point correctly, baseball is superior to hockey because it hangs on to its silly traditions longer and takes them more seriously. Add in the requisite amount of racism and xenophobia, plus hilarious winners like a shouted “I know what I’m talking about!”, and voila (or as Grapes would say, “Look”), you’ve got a segment of Coach’s Corner. (What a hypocrite this guy is—he doesn’t like in touch icing, so what, he doesn’t like traditions when they injure Toronto Maple Leafs players? I can’t figure this out.)

Anyway, here’s the video of the incident from tonight’s Coach’s Corner. Enjoy at your peril.


Don We Now Our Gay Apparel

A very angry Christmas from Don Cherry—and Don Cherry’s tie—to you:

Don Cherry on Coach's Corner, 13 Dec 2008

Closeup of Don Cherry's tie, Coach's Corner, 13 Dec 2008

This red velvet jacket is a tradition of Don’s at Christmastime, including this terrific example from last year. And, like the good man he is, Grapes reminds us not only that Christmas is not about Santa (who is featured on his tie) but abut the baby Jesus. Then, a scant three minutes later, Don denies the existence of institutional racism in the NHL and tells racial minorities to “go out and get your own fair shake in life and work for it”. What a douche bastard asshole.

Don Cherry’s tribute to Luc Bourdon

As promised, here is Don Cherry’s tribute on Coach’s Corner to Luc Bourdon, the Vancouver Canucks hockey player who was killed in a motorcycle accident in Shippagan, New Brunswick on Thursday:

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