Happy St. Patrick’s Day

I think Down Goes Brown said it best on Twitter:

And then, as we’ve seen before when Grapes wears green, the CBC crew couldn’t resist a little (somewhat overaggressive) green-screen action:

Here we go again

Okay, we’ve featured this particular suit twice before

…but this time, he went out into the ACC on Military Appreciation Night or whatever to show it off. And look at the fan reaction.

“Would you look at that? Would you just look at that?!”

We’re back, and so is Don

Okay, so we haven’t been updating much, partly because Don’s suits haven’t really been new or original this season so far, and partly out of a certain laziness on our part. But that’s all over now, because…

Yes. Yes, that’s why we’re back. Thank you, Don. Thank you so much.

Don Cherry, flower man

And here it is. Here is how Don Cherry chooses to cap off Game 7 of the Stanley Cup finals. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

Grapes says the refs should put the whistles away in a game like this and not call chintzy penalties. I’m not sure what’s chintzier than wearing a couch on national television. *ba-dum-chhh*

(At least his tie matches his suit. Hard not to, when it’s the same fabric.)

And just to round things out, here’s another screen capture that somehow (I say somehow) appeared on my computer.

That’s all for this season! Though if you’re very good and you behave yourselves, I may have some more Don Cherry goodness for you coming up this summer…stay tuned!

Cherry in Boston

I’m not sure whether Don is going for some kind of green/Irish/Boston theme with this suit tonight, but I’d bet so. The gold of his tie and pocket handkerchief are kind of Bruins-themed, I suppose, but the green looks to be more Celtics than Bruins. But seriously, wow. Nothing says “serious television commentator” like loud striped jackets—and Grapes is the master when it comes to serious television commentating.

Note also the tacky Canadian-flag cuff links, which completely don’t match. Class. I love it!

Don Cherry, rock star

For the Vancouver Canucks vs. San Jose Sharks Western Conference Finals series, Don Cherry has been donning a tartan suit in what I think he thinks are Canucks colours—blue, green, and a bizarrely incongruous gold—and rocking out. I mean, he isn’t just rocking that suit, or even pants, but he’s rocking out.

(Kind of. He didn’t actually move his hands on the guitar.)

Grapes has worn this jacket at least twice by my count this playoff series. Enjoy. I know he does.

Kind of glad we missed this

So we here at the Don Cherry Jacket Watch missed the Habs-Bruins game yesterday. And judging from Grapes’s outfit, we’re kind of glad we did. Warning: prolonged viewing of the image below may induce blindness, seizures, racism, xenophobia, and in extreme cases, a complete inability to pronounce names.


(Picture borrowed from Puck Daddy since we haven’t got one of our own. Hi, Puck Daddy readers!)

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