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St. Patrick’s Day was last week

Even though the Coach’s Corner crew celebrated St. Patrick’s Day last week, the lure of wearing green—specifically lime green—was apparantly too much to resist for Don Cherry this last Saturday. (For long-time fans of the Don Cherry Jacket Watch: yes, we have seen this jacket before. But since that was only in standard definition and on a different TV show, this week we bring it to you in all its high-definition glory on the hallowed Hockey Night in Canada set.)


Happy St. Patrick’s Day

On anybody else, this would rank as one of the most egregious violations of good taste ever to have been perpetrated. On Don Cherry, this is just another Hockey Night in Canada.

Note especially: the amazingly loud yellow shirt, the great St. Patrick’s Day hat (which Don had to take off a few minutes into the segment since it was even preventing himself from concentrating), the terrible triple-breasting on the suit jacket itself, the tie with green beer and shamrocks, and the inferior-quality handkerchief in the breast pocket.

Don Cherry on Coach's Corner, 14 Mar 2009

Don Cherry’s New Year Celebration

Don Cherry celebrates the New Year at the 2009 Winter Classic (an annual outdoor game, this year in Chicago’s Wrigley Field between the Chicago Blackhawks and the Detroit Red Wings) with traditionally festive haberdashery and hattery:

Don Cherry on Coach's Corner, 1 Jan 2009

Don Cherry's hat, 1 Jan 2009

As garish and silly as Grapes’s hat during the first intermission Coach’s Corner was, his hat during the pre-game was an example of the kind of clothing Don excoriated NHL players for wearing a few weeks ago. Check it out: just what message does Don think this kind of clothing sends?

Don Cherry at the NHL Winter Classic, 1 Jan 2009

A Very Don Cherry Christmas

Back from vacation, and we’ve got several new episodes of Don We Now Our Gay Apparel for you. From December 20th, Don reminds us all that Christmas is, in fact, the birthday of the baby Jesus by wearing a snow-white jacket accompanied by a tie featuring a real live nativity scene:

Don Cherry on Coach's Corner, 20 Dec 2008

Don Cherry's nativity scene tie from Coach's Corner, 20 Dec 2008

Will post the rest later today. Happy new year to all!

Don We Now Our Gay Apparel

A very angry Christmas from Don Cherry—and Don Cherry’s tie—to you:

Don Cherry on Coach's Corner, 13 Dec 2008

Closeup of Don Cherry's tie, Coach's Corner, 13 Dec 2008

This red velvet jacket is a tradition of Don’s at Christmastime, including this terrific example from last year. And, like the good man he is, Grapes reminds us not only that Christmas is not about Santa (who is featured on his tie) but abut the baby Jesus. Then, a scant three minutes later, Don denies the existence of institutional racism in the NHL and tells racial minorities to “go out and get your own fair shake in life and work for it”. What a douche bastard asshole.

Don Cherry’s Halloween outfit

For Halloween Grapes favours us with a pumpkin tie and ornament with flashing LEDs in the eyes and mouth, combined with a (relatively) tasteful brown jacket with (relatively) sedate double-breasting, and thankfully without any upper buttons over the nipple.

Don Cherry on Coach's Corner, 1 Nov 2008

Closeup of Don Cherry's Halloween tie, 1 Nov 2008

Now that I think about it, it seems I captured the most slashable Don Cherry/Ron MacLean image yet this year…

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