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Weekly Don Cherry

This week, Don Cherry favours us with a jacket featuring hues not normally seen in fashion—scarlet and crimson and gold these are not. The high buttons placed over the nipples are again distracting, despite it being quite difficult to distract away from this pattern, but those buttons manage it somehow. Also, something is off about the alignment of the lower left-side button. Also, at first glance the colours of the tie and boutonnière appear to coordinate with that of the jacket, but when I keep looking at them together against the white shirt underneath, it just looks blinding. Maybe if he had worn a darker shirt or something, or perhaps if this jacket’s pattern didn’t attempt to incorporate flowers (look carefully; I count at least four), this ensemble might have turned out better. Then again, it’s hard to imagine what could save most of Grapes’s clothes.

Don Cherry on Coach's Corner, 17 Jan 2009


Weekly Don Cherry

Check out the way the sleeves join to the jacket at the shoulder. Grapes complained about a dislocated or separated or something shoulder that he got decades ago at the beginning of Coach’s Corner, which according to him ended his nonspectacular playing career. My heart goes out to you, Don. That’s the world’s angriest violin you’re hearing in the background.

Don Cherry on Coach's Corner, 10 Jan 2009

Finishing the Don Cherry New Year catch-up

From tonight’s Coach’s Corner, Don shows off a number with some questionable tailoring—note how the buttons don’t seem to be quite aligned. Also, the stripes were glowing and shimmering on the TV, an effect that might have been due to the TV, but somehow I doubt it.

Don Cherry on Coach's Corner, 3 Jan 2009

This concludes our catch-up from the world of Don Cherry fashion for this week!

Don Cherry’s New Year Celebration

Don Cherry celebrates the New Year at the 2009 Winter Classic (an annual outdoor game, this year in Chicago’s Wrigley Field between the Chicago Blackhawks and the Detroit Red Wings) with traditionally festive haberdashery and hattery:

Don Cherry on Coach's Corner, 1 Jan 2009

Don Cherry's hat, 1 Jan 2009

As garish and silly as Grapes’s hat during the first intermission Coach’s Corner was, his hat during the pre-game was an example of the kind of clothing Don excoriated NHL players for wearing a few weeks ago. Check it out: just what message does Don think this kind of clothing sends?

Don Cherry at the NHL Winter Classic, 1 Jan 2009

Post-Christmas Don Cherry

Grapes’s post-Christmas threads are still appropriately festive with respect to their accoutrements (tie, flower, etc.), but I’m not sure I can say the same for the pinstriping and very odd striping evident on what little of his shirt we can see.

Don Cherry on Coach's Corner, 27 Dec 2008

A Very Don Cherry Christmas

Back from vacation, and we’ve got several new episodes of Don We Now Our Gay Apparel for you. From December 20th, Don reminds us all that Christmas is, in fact, the birthday of the baby Jesus by wearing a snow-white jacket accompanied by a tie featuring a real live nativity scene:

Don Cherry on Coach's Corner, 20 Dec 2008

Don Cherry's nativity scene tie from Coach's Corner, 20 Dec 2008

Will post the rest later today. Happy new year to all!

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